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Flash Lead Lifetime Deal – Complete automated lead tracking solution


Lead creation is the most important aspect of sales. However, maintaining leads and following up on them is a time-consuming procedure.


Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could have a CRM that handled all of your lead creation needs? Then you may focus your efforts on sales and marketing.


Announcing Flash Lead Pro.


What is Flash Lead?

Flash Lead is a powerful CRM solution that optimizes internal communication, automates marketing messaging, and enables omnichannel engagements.


It enables you to generate more leads and revenues than previously.


Alternative to Flash Lead Pro is Salesforce.


It is ideal for sales and marketing managers looking for a platform for lead monitoring and automatic client communication. Flash Lead provides real-time monitoring for all stages of your pipelines. With its customized automated messaging, you may also maximize SMS and email marketing. From the same window, you can apply omnichannel communication to communicate leads on Facebook and Instagram. Flash Lead has developed a number of services to help you grow your leads and revenue.


Let us look at the services;


Services of Flash Lead

Flash Lead Pro includes the most accessible and advanced CRM in the GCC and the Middle East, as well as automation and conversation modules.


> Flash Lead Pro

It is a cutting-edge sales and marketing CRM. It encompasses an entirely new set of professional tools via which sales, marketing, and customer support may directly engage with clients.

You may connect Whatsapp Business, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram in this section. You will also receive an automated marketing flow that allows you to send automatic SMS and email messages, as well as lead re-delivery and tracking.


> Flash Lead CRM

Flash Lead Pro’s “Flash Lead CRM” is the greatest sales and marketing CRM for your expanding business.


It aids in the integration of Facebook leads, automatic lead assignment, reporting, customer pipeline, and other functions.


You’ll also get management tools like internal chat, activity progress, and a full module.


> Flash Lead Call

Flash Lead Call is a plug-and-play virtual call center in Flash Lead Pro that assists you with VOIP services for clients in KSA and Egypt at local pricing.


There are no IP phones or other gadgets required; simply download their softphone and experience 100 of the conventional cost of “Call Centers.”


Now, for a more thorough explanation, let’s go through the Flash Lead Pro features.


Do you want for lifetime deal? Get Flash Lead Pro.


Features of Flash Lead Pro


It’s unique features for your marketing solution cannot be denied.


Let’s have a look at the Flash Lead Pro features below;


> Omnichannel

You will get built-in omnichannel conversions with WhatsApp Business, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger with Flash Lead Pro.



For better administration, integrate Facebook Leads into CRM. It enables you to improve your marketing and sales progress over time.

You can automate lead input and delivery while also managing communication, team management, reporting, and opportunities.

Surprisingly, a fully integrated deals module is included.


> Whatsapp Business

It allows you to integrate all of your company’s WhatsApp accounts into a single WhatsApp. Sales, marketing, and management reports are available here.

You may develop automatic answers in WhatsApp Business to improve your customer communications.


Automation of Marketing

Flash Lead Pro has an automated marketing flow that allows you to send SMS and emails automatically.

You may keep in touch with potential consumers and keep them updated on your progress.



  • Easy to use
  • Easy to integrate with facebook and instagram messenger
  • Easy to track data via direct message


  • It is still infancy when compared to other
  • CRM little easier to manage and see quickly



Pricing Plans of Flash Lead Pro


The platform has two subscription plans, they are Flash Lead Pro and Flash Lead CRM.


Flash Lead CRM Plan $20 per month

  • Advanced Cloud-based CRM
  • Advanced CRM built to increase sales performance
  • Automatic import of leads from (Facebook, Google Forms, Excel, and website)
  • Easy access from the app and website


Flash Lead Pro Plan $25 per month

  • CRM + Marketing Automation
  • Omnichannel communication
  • Advanced CRM
  • Marketing Automation
  • Omnichannel communication (Whatsapp Business, Messenger, Instagram)


Go with regular pricing or Get Flash Lead Pro for Lifetime deals for only $69.


Get Flash Lead Pro Lifetime deal – Appsumo


Get Lifetime deal at $69 $900

  • Lifetime access to Flash Lead Plan
  • Everything Flash Lead Pro Plan Features +
  • 4 users
  • 400 lead entries per month
  • 1 Google Form connection
  • 1 landing page connection
  • 1 Facebook Messenger connection


Final words

You may incorporate this tool with Facebook Lead and Google Forms. You may also import leads straight from website landing pages.

Additionally, Flash Lead Pro makes it simple to categorize and sort each contact.


Note: Most deals are stocked out within a week after being added to Appsumo. So, if you need it, take it immediately.

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