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SEOcrawl Review – Grow your SEO and Get Top Website’s Ranking


Ever found yourself overwhelmed by the abundance of information when trying to grasp the intricacies of your site’s search engine optimization (SEO)? Have you struggled to monitor the various facets of your site’s performance effectively?


If you have, you’re not alone. Navigating and staying informed about search engine rankings can pose a considerable challenge for any website owner. Thankfully, there are tools designed to simplify the analysis of your search engine rankings and keep you informed about your competitors’ performances. This article will delve into SEOcrawl, shedding light on how it can streamline the optimization of your site for enhanced visibility in search engines. Additionally, we’ll explore its pricing options and help you determine if it’s a preferable choice compared to other alternatives.



  • Analyze over 16 months of Search Console and Google Analytics data with over 20 custom-made SEO dashboards
  • Monitor traffic forecasts, keywords and URLs, growth trends, and heat maps with detailed SEO reports sent to your email



Best for – Ecommerce, Marketing agencies, SaaS

Alternative toSiteGuru, Ahrefs and SEMrush

Integrations – Chrome, Google Sheets

Features – GDPR-compliant, White label




01. What Is SEOcrawl

SEOcrawl stands as a robust marketing analytics tool, offering data-driven insights derived from Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and various other popular digital marketing tools. Its core functionality includes the provision of comprehensive SEO reports, strategically crafted to elevate your rankings on prominent search engines such as Google.


Representing a suite of advanced SEO tools, SEOcrawl takes your SEO management to new heights, saving time and costs while enhancing overall efficiency. At its core, SEOcrawl functions as a potent data storehouse, probing into over 16 months of literal data sourced from Search Console and Google Analytics.


The tool empowers users to monitor key performance indicators such as keyword performance, traffic forecasts, and critical data points like keyword trends, rankings, and average position in search results. Additionally, SEOcrawl generates detailed reports, complete with heat maps illustrating the prominence of your keywords on search engine results pages (SERPs).


Beyond delivering actionable SEO reports based on Search Console and Google Analytics data, SEOcrawl extends its functionality to the analysis and optimization of your website’s performance across various social media platforms. This holistic approach ensures a comprehensive understanding of your online presence and aids in refining your digital strategy for optimal results.



02. SEOcrawl Tools

The SEO Dashboard proves to be a potent instrument for in-depth project performance analysis. It empowers you to monitor key performance metrics like keyword rankings and organic traffic over time. The graphical representation of data facilitates quick trend identification, aiding informed decision-making. Moreover, the dashboard incorporates advanced features for competitive analysis and the identification of improvement opportunities.


A standout feature is the traffic prediction tool, offering insights into the anticipated change in the current month’s search volume by year-end. This predictive information proves valuable for planning keyword research and content marketing strategies. Additional features encompass performance statistics with Month-over-Month (MoM) and Year-over-Year (YoY) growth, coupled with unlimited data storage capacity. This wealth of data streamlines your hunt machine optimization sweats and keeps you abreast of your challengers’ progress.


Rank Tracking:

The Rank Tracker provides real-time monitoring of keyword performance, delivering analytics data on rankings, traffic volume, average CPC, SERP positions, and more. Categorization of keywords into clusters, analysis through heat maps, and the ability to apply filters enhance the understanding of growth trends. The tool automatically calculates growth trends for top keywords and URLs, enabling a comprehensive analysis of branded and non-branded keywords.


SEO Reporting:

The SEO Report is indispensable for websites aiming to optimize search engine visibility. It tracks keywords, pages, and search engine visibility over time, offering a detailed overview of performance metrics. The report facilitates the analysis of keyword variations and changes over time, furnishing automated yearly reports.


Task Manager:

Task Manager is an online tool streamlining the tracking and analysis of SEO efforts. Organizing tasks into categories like pending, in progress, or finished, it offers a dynamic overview of task status, progress, and pending items. The Kanban format enhances visibility, ensuring efficient organization and tracking of online SEO efforts.


SEO Monitor:

The SEO Monitor is a simple yet invaluable tool for overseeing changes on your website. It monitors critical URLs and alerts you to changes based on your defined preferences. This ensures vigilant tracking of SEO progress and optimization steps.


SEO Cannibalization:

Addressing keyword cannibalization, SEOcrawl emphasizes the significance of feting and remedying this issue, which occurs when multiple URLs rank for a keyword with analogous click distributions.


SEO Visibility:

SEO Visibility, measured by the influence a brand has on search results for desired keywords, is crucial. SEOcrawl calculates this based on impressions and queries, offering a unique perspective on visibility.


SEO Extension:

An SEO extension, available as a cybersurfer add- on, provides quick access to runner SEO metadata. The goal is effective data analysis for better decision-making. The SEO Extension is downloadable for free on Google Chrome.



03. Why Use SEOCrawl


  •     SEO freelance
  •     SEO agencies
  •     In-house SEO
  •     Enterprise
  •      Data Warehouse
  •     SEO Targets and Forecasts
  •     MoM (Month over Month) y Yoy (Year over Year)
  •     Changes and Trends in Keywords and URLs
  •     URL View
  •     Keyword View
  •     Automatic Keyword and Url Tagging
  •     Brand vs Non-Brand Report
  •     Top Tags (Performance by Groups)
  •     SEO Visibility Index
  •     Keyword Distribution by Position
  •     New and Lost Keywords
  •     SEO Annotations and SEO Performance Measurement
  •     Web Health





  • SEOcrawl will boost your rankings, visibility, and transformations.
  • The reflection point is really useful as well and helps automate the process of chancing whether advancements have been successful.
  • You can get an SEO extension for Google Chrome.
  • Supports 14 languages.
  • This tool also has a Kanban- style design operation system, which is excellent.
  • This tool provides you with daily or yearly SEO newsletters.
  • SEOcrawl will descry changes in visibility after Google algorithm updates.



  • Data is lagging behind Search Console and only focuses on SEO
  • This tool doesn’t give any API or integrations.
  • No Public Roadmap/ Changelog



04. SEOcrawl Pricing Plans

There are 4 pricing plans with 7-day free trial of SEOcrawl.





Get it from SEOcrawl lifetime deal at $19 $72 today!




05. Final Words

SEOcrawl proves to be a powerful tool, offering comprehensive insights into the search engine rankings of specific webpages. This tool is instrumental in assisting businesses to pinpoint optimization opportunities and ensuring the implementation of necessary steps to enhance website visibility. It is crucial for any business to leverage SEOcrawl for tracking progress and monitoring changes in search engine rankings.


The integration of Search Console data into an interactive dashboard enhances accessibility and facilitates efficient analysis. I highly recommend trying SEOcrawl, especially for those managing multiple projects or seeking a balance between simplicity and speedy analysis.


Note: Most deals are stocked out within a week after being added to Appsumo. So, if you need it, take it immediately.


06. FAQs

Q1. What is SEOcrawl?

A. SEOcrawl is a powerful marketing analytics tool designed to provide in-depth insights into search engine rankings, offering businesses valuable information for optimizing website visibility.


Q2. How does SEOcrawl help businesses?

A. SEOcrawl assists businesses in identifying optimization opportunities and ensures the implementation of necessary steps to enhance website visibility, contributing to improved search engine rankings.


Q3. Why is it essential for businesses to use SEOcrawl?

A. SEOcrawl is essential for businesses to track their progress and monitor changes in search engine rankings, allowing for informed decision-making in the realm of online visibility.


Q4. What data does SEOcrawl analyze?

A. SEOcrawl analyzes data from Search Console, offering an interactive dashboard that simplifies the process of extracting valuable insights from search engine rankings.


Q5. Who can benefit from using SEOcrawl?

A. Almost anyone, particularly those managing multiple projects, can benefit from SEOcrawl’s capabilities. It is recommended for individuals or businesses seeking simplicity and speedy analysis.


Q6. How does SEOcrawl integrate with Search Console?

A. SEOcrawl integrates Search Console data into an interactive dashboard, providing users with a user-friendly interface for efficient analysis and accessibility.


Q7. Can SEOcrawl be used for individual projects?

A. Yes, SEOcrawl is versatile and can be employed for individual projects, making it a valuable tool for businesses of various sizes.




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