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Havoc Shield Lifetime Deal – Cybersecurity Tool For Financial services


Attack on the internet! A terrifying phrase for the internet world! We’ve all been victims of cyber assaults at some point in our lives.


But how might these attacks be avoided?


What if you had a fully loaded cybersecurity platform that could protect you from cybercrime and ransomware attacks?


Presenting Havoc Shield.



What is Havoc Shield?

Havoc Shield is an all-in-one cyber security platform that uses simple tools and training to defend you from cybercrime and ransomware threats.


It is a cybercrime prevention solution that also provides cybersecurity training so that you and your entire team know how to stay secure.



Alternative to Havoc Shield is Tugboat Logic.


It is ideal for small and mid-sized businesses looking for a low-cost and uncomplicated cybersecurity solution.


With Havoc Shield, you can quickly find and resolve cybersecurity vulnerabilities using basic security technologies on a single dashboard.


You may also learn about cybercrime and cybersecurity, which you can then educate your workers to keep them secure from cyber threats and ransomware.


Havoc Shield provides 12 different types of security.

Let us look at the services;


Havoc Shield Protection Tools

You can be protected like GLBA, FTC Safeguards, IRS Tax Preparer, and NY DFS by using Havoc Shield’s cybersecurity capabilities in one platform.



> Vendor Risk Register

The Vendor Risk Register in this platform, like the Asset Inventory, keeps note of which outside vendors you utilize to run your firm.


> Asset Inventory

The Asset Inventory is a straightforward application designed to make it simple to inventory the hardware and software that comprise your infrastructure.


> Policy Manager

The cybersecurity policy management application from Havoc Shield comprises eight of the most often requested security features. Customers, regulators, and your staff will all require compliance policies.


> Vulnerability Management & Scanner

The vulnerability management solution from Havoc Shield is only a lightweight database of their bundled Vulnerability Scanner results.

Regular vulnerability screening can help you prevent vulnerable network, infrastructure, and application vulnerabilities.


> Endpoint Threat Protection

With Havoc Shield, you can easily install and roll out Webroot endpoint protection to your team.

Obviously, Havoc Shield’s best-practice policy is in place.


> Cyber Awareness Training

You and your teams may benefit from Havoc Shield’s cybercrime awareness training. Implement rapidly and engage your workforce in cybersecurity and compliance training that will never tire them.


> Computer Policy Management

You may integrate JumpCloud endpoint management with Havoc Shield to centrally handle the security settings on your work machines.


> Mail Armor Email Security

By just sending the message, the Mail Armor superhero service examines questionable emails, including the sender’s name, URLs, and attachments.

Havoc Shield will respond with a decision on whether or not it is safe.


> Password Manager

Using a password manager, this platform made it simple to remember, share, and safeguard your passwords.

It provides advanced password security.


> OS & Software Patching

It is in charge of managing operating systems (OS) and vital software upgrades. It will detect vulnerabilities and apply updates as soon as they are available.


There are no more security flaws caused by endlessly postponed upgrades.



  • This is only for small business
  • Only support web platform



  • Not for mid-size and large business
  • Do not support Android and iPhone apps


Havoc Shield Pricing Plans


There are three pricing options for Havoc Shield.


Fundamentals, Foundations, and Managed.


Fundamentals Plan $77 per month:

  • Access to foundational cybersecurity program modules
  • Mail Armor email security
  • Cyber awareness training
  • OS & Software patching
  • Asset Inventory
  • Security Policy Manager
  • Basic Guidance Assistant catalog for making security configuration changes
  • Whole company data breach monitoring and tailored Threat Watch alerts
  • In-product chat support and recorded training
  • Havoc Shield cybersecurity program verification badge


Foundations Plan $154 per month:

  • Everything of Fundamentals plan plus:
  • A fully tailored plan and complete Guidance Assistant catalog access
  • Scheduled Vulnerability Scanning and Management Portal
  • Business-grade Anti-virus and anti-malware
  • Team Password Manager
  • Remote computer management (aka “MDM”) including security config, remote wipe, and lock.
  • Vendor Risk Register
  • 3rd party Attestation Reports


Managed Plan $330 per month:

  • Everything in the Fundamentals and Foundations plans plus:
  • Dedicated Advisor who project manages and implements your program for you with accelerated onboarding and regular monthly updates
  • Regular live platform and toolset training for your team
  • Direct phone number and email
  • 30-minute calls up to twice monthly with your customers or partners to represent your cybersecurity program, explain controls, and provide evidence


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Final Words

Use HavocShield to safeguard your business from destructive cyber attacks.


Always stay secure against ransomware with you and your team.


Get it from Havoc Shield Lifetime deal now.


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