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Breakout Lifetime Deal – Create Business Workflows – No Coding knowledge


Any company strategy is based on data. But acquiring that much data has never been simpler, especially when you do it a hundred times a day.


However, automating workflow would allow you to meet deadlines and manage the process more efficiently.


What if you had a no-code workflow job management software that allowed you to operate your business automatically?


Announcing Breakout!


What is Breakout?

Breakout is a no-code work management platform that enables you to automate workflows that run your business on autopilot.


It allows you to design, visualize, and automate all your business operations. There is no coding knowledge necessary.



Alternative to Breakout is Pipefy


To save time, it is preferable for tech or product teams, project managers, and sole proprietorships to optimize processes.


Breakout helps you to design workflows and checklists for your business operations, allowing you to run them on autopilot and with more confidence.


You can also create public forms and portals to help optimize work processes and workflows.


Breakout can be beneficial to you for a few reasons.


Some of its aspects are discussed below.


Breakout Features

Breakout allows you to develop business processes and automatically connect teams, tools, and customers.


Let’s check at features of Breakout;



> Business Control

This platform helps you to take command of your building project. You may simply build and visualize automation using a drag-and-drop flow builder.


You can also automatically seek and track permission to minimize fraud and legal liabilities.


Finally, Breakout can dynamically generate beautiful documents and digital forms.



> Easily Scale

It allows you to allocate assignments and dates dynamically based on customizable logic.


With little effort, you may operate 1 or 1000 processes and generate dynamic communication triggered by a specific event.


Review procedures for scalability to decrease delays.



> Efficiently Working

It allows you to construct effective teams in a single platform without the need for coding. With a single click, you can create teams, manage people, and define access control.


Documents like as proposals, contracts, invoices, and agreements may be reviewed with your team members.


You may also monitor progress and send notifications based on specified rules.



> Process Management

Last but not least, using this powerful process management tool, you can conveniently manage each and every process. You will enjoy;


Flow Creator: A simple drag-and-drop flow builder allows you to create processes.


Super Bots: It allows you to complete all of your repetitious jobs while only thinking about the important stuff.


Connectors: Breakout’s sophisticated automation allows you to link processes, data streams, and apps.


Collaborators: Breakout allows you to work with teams without friction while keeping track of everything you need.


Powerful Boards: Breakout’s strong single dashboard allows you to obtain a rapid overview of processes.


Webforms: If you need to collect information, you may use Breakout to construct attractive forms and document templates.


Need more features about Breakout? Click here.



Breakout provides a comprehensive no-code solution for integrating processes with your selected platforms.

To work more effectively, you may link Breakout with Google Sheets, Slack, and Zapier.


Get your lifetime deal on Breakout.



  • Third-party integrations are available.
  • Kan ban board function available
  • Scheduling features available
  • Workflows are available to guests.


  • Android and iOS are still unavailable.
  • There are no workspaces.
  • There is 1 custom domain
  • There are no Integrate integrations.


Breakout Pricing Plans

With enterprise-level automation, one platform easily assists small and medium-sized organizations in streamlining any process.

Breakout has four price options, they are Starter, Better, Bolder, and Bigger.


Starter Plan $0 per month:

  • 1 Workflow
  • 1 User Access
  • Conditional Logic
  • Approvals
  • Breakout Automation


Better Plan $99 per month:

  • Everything Starter plan features plus
  • 10 User Access
  • 10 Workflows
  • Roles & Access
  • Kanban Board
  • Dynamic Due Dates
  • Dynamic Assignment
  • Company Logo
  • Scheduling
  • Google Sheets Integration


Bolder Plan $299 per month:

  • Everything Better Plan Features plus
  • 30 User Access
  • 30 Workflows
  • Public Forms
  • Webhooks & APIs
  • Audit Trail
  • SMTP Configuration
  • Connected Processes
  • Zapier Integration


Bigger plan $699 per month:

  • Use up to 100 Users
  • Everything Bolder Plan Features Plus
  • Unlimited Workflows
  • Custom Domain
  • Documents
  • Datasets
  • Mobile App
  • Flowchart Builder


Get Lifetime Deal from Appsumo at $99.00.


Final words

With enterprise-level automation of the work process, you may use one tool and save time.

Take control of all service requests, no matter where they come from: email, online, text, or public forms.


Breakout improves team efficiency and life easy.


Get Lifetime Deal from Appsumo Now.


Note: Most deals are stocked out within a week after being added to Appsumo. So, if you need it, take it immediately.


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