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Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Software Platforms to Boost eCommerce Sales


Affiliate marketing is paid on a diverseness of social media channels, from blogs to YouTube videos. According to the Saas Scout’s Affiliate Marketing Statistics and Trends Encyclopedically Industry Report 2021, monthly affiliate marketing spending is anticipated to be$ 12 billion. Likewise, it’s prognosticated to rise by 10 over the following many years.


Given that with this form of marketing strategy, online companies only must spend money when they induce money, it’s easy to see why affiliate marketing is getting power. Though, or if you are having trouble making the utmost of it, then are 10 software solutions that will do all the heavy lifting for you, If you have not explored this option yet.


What Are the Benefits of Using Affiliate Marketing?

For smaller net companies with restricted advertising and marketing budgets, associate advertising can be an effective, low-chance, and low-cost advertising technique. In short, the splendor of affiliate advertising is that it allows you to reach extra potential clients faster without elevating your advertising price range. The only things you really want to be aware of are content material introduction, spreading the word approximately your software, and handling your associates.


Because almost everything can be recorded, it is also easy to calculate ROI. A dashboard allows you to easily examine statistics on sales, impressions, leads and clicks with the correct software.


You can also focus on selling specific high-ticket products, depending on the software you choose. In this way, you may request that your affiliates promote only a few goods in exchange for a bigger fee. Alternatively, if some goods have a poor turnover rate, you might urge your network of affiliates to focus on these to assist you in getting rid of excess stock.


01. Refersion

Refersion was started in 2014, and in just two years, the team transformed it from a beta product to a viable business without the assistance of investors. Assembly, an eCommerce growth platform that combines together software solutions to aid companies with social performance and performance analytics, purchased it in 2020. As a result of their concentration on the eCommerce area, it is a wonderful alternative for online companies looking to get started with affiliate marketing.


Refersion has assisted around 20,000 merchants with their affiliate marketing efforts over the course of its seven-year existence. It also has its own marketplace where you can locate new affiliates, which differentiates it from many of the other tools on our list. If you choose Refersion, your affiliate program will be placed on our marketplace for free. While current customers are still the finest affiliates, the Refersion Marketplace may assist to accelerate the process of expanding your affiliate network.


One of its standout features is the option to set individual commissions per product or SKU. Items with smaller margins might thus be coupled with lower commission rates, and vice versa.



  • Great for beginners.
  • It is straightforward and pretty easy to set up.
  • Simple setup and integration to a platform like Shopify.


  • Sometimes delayed response
  • The user interface is complicated

Short features of Refersion:

  • Integrates seamlessly with the most popular eCommerce systems, including BigCommerce, Shopify, and Magento.
  • The Refersion Marketplace offers a free listing.
  • A sign-up page that is completely customizable
  • Product-level commissions enable you to tailor your affiliate marketing offer to specific items.
  • Form fields that may be customized to acquire more information
  • Registration pages that may be customized to match your logo


Refersion Pricing: They have 14 days free offer, after free the pricing starts at $89 per month for up to 130 monthly affiliate orders.


02. iDevAffiliate

At over two decades of expertise delivering affiliate tracking software, iDevAffiliate has supported over 35,000 users, making it one of the leading tools for those interested in affiliate marketing. Overall, the step-by-step integration onboarding method makes it simple to get started. If you get joined, you can also watch more than 40 hours of training videos.


It is not only simple to use, but it is also highly useful due to the discount code tracking. This way, instead of unclear links or bothersome redirection, you may issue promo codes to your affiliates, which can appear unprofessional. Because no links are required, you may also rely on word-of-mouth and offline promotion.



  • iDevAffiliate is reliable
  • the basics at a good price
  • easy to use
  • easy to customize


  • It depends on which version you use
  • Cumbersome to install


Short features of iDevAffiliate:

  • Metrics and reports are detailed.
  • Works with a variety of prominent shopping cart providers, including BigCommerce, Shopify, and Ecwid.
  • A function for importing affiliates from an existing application.
  • Dashboards with quick access
  • Processing commissions in real time
  • Sharing on social media


iDevAffiliate Pricing: Their pricing starts at $39 per month


03. LeadDyno

LeadDyno is a useful tool for automating and growing your online store’s affiliate network. It was founded in 2014 and is one of the affiliate marketing software solutions with the most price flexibility. Many tools in this category provide a starter plan and an enterprise plan, but LeadDyno has six subscription tiers in all. Three plans are geared at websites that get hold of fewer than 7,500 unique site visitors each month, while the alternative three are geared in the direction of websites that get extra than that.


Overall, it is easy to set up and use. If you need support getting started, the customer support team offers weekly demos and seminars, as well as the setup wizard.


While it’s miles tough to discuss each single feature, there are two that have to be highlighted. One example is the ability to automatically invite customers. The option to measure your other marketing activities in addition to analyzing the number of clicks, purchases, and leads is another plus.


There may be, however, one full-size downside. LeadDyno does not allow its users to choose how they wish to compensate their affiliates. The reward can only be a percentage of a sale or a fixed sum.



  • Easy to sign up for a new user
  • Easy for marketers to use the dashboard
  • Reasonable pricing with a free trial
  • Seamless incorporation with social media platforms and e-commerce stores
  • Social Media Tracing
  • Social Contribution with one-click


  • Customer service improved needed
  • Better pricing strategies needed


Short features of LeadDyno:

  • PayPal Mass Pay Integrations with the main eCommerce systems such as WooCommerce, Shopify, and BigCommerce allows you to pay affiliates in mass.
  • Support is available by live chat, email, and online appointments.
  • Paid advertisements, social media, and email marketing may all be tracked from a single dashboard.
  • Follow-up emails are sent automatically.
  • Multi-level marketing with a branded affiliate gateway.


LeadDyno Pricing: After a free 30-day trial, pricing for sites with up to 3,000 unique visitors per month starts at $49 a month.


04. Referral Rock

You may be aware with Referral Rock as one of the best referral program software solutions available to help you capitalize on word-of-mouth marketing. It also provides partnership and affiliate marketing software to assist keep your top affiliates engaged. It provides over 25 connectors, including interfaces with major eCommerce systems such as Shopify, Magento, Squarespace, and 3dcart. You may use it to advertise your affiliate marketing program through a variety of marketing methods, such as integrating it into your website.


One of its most appealing characteristics is that it provides very customizable incentive possibilities. There are several sorts of incentives that you may develop to attract attention, ranging from time-based offers to recurring prizes.


All plans include 24-hour assistance. There will be a dedicated success manager, as well as a kickoff call, program audits, technical integration support, and referral best practice training. As a result, it is not the best alternative for eCommerce business owners on a tight budget.



  • It is compatible with HubSpot and may be used as a CRM.
  • The reports generated by the Admin dashboard are really useful.
  • The options for flexibility and customization are nearly limitless.
  • The widgets are really simple to embed and use in general.



  • Working with text inside the program might be a little finicky at times.
  • Reporting capabilities are very restricted.

Short features of Referral Rock:

  • Various incentive schemes
  • Attribution of referrals and tracking of activities
  • Payments are made automatically.
  • Rules for advanced rewards
  • Emails that were triggered
  • Sharing on social media
  • Reports that may be downloaded and activity tracking
  • Accounts for the team


Referral Rock Pricing: They offer different plans starting at $200 per month.


05. Post Affiliate Pro

Post Affiliate Pro is one of the industry’s oldest affiliate software solutions, having been in business for over two decades. It is the affiliate software solution with the most reviews on Capterra, with around 500 ratings. It’s also one of the tools with the best overview rankings on the evaluation website, with a rating of 4.6. It’s a full-featured affiliate software with a vast list of features and over 200 connectors, making it simple to tailor your affiliate program to your company. Post Affiliate Pro contains two panels, one for merchants and one for affiliates, to keep both eCommerce merchants and affiliates up to date.


Post Affiliate Pro has highly focused on banners. You may design a variety of banner kinds to give your special promotions, ranging from flash banners to lightbox banners to plain PDF banners. Post Affiliate Pro software program is ordinarily geared toward small and medium-sized agencies. But, given that it expenses nearly two times as an awful lot as a number of the other tools on our listing, do your studies beforehand.



  • Outstanding client service
  • Excellent affiliate tracking system
  • Affiliates are simple to handle.
  • User interface customization is flexible.
  • Data analysis and detailed reports


  • a little more costly

Short features of Post Affiliate Pro:

  • Customer service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Complete setup and website integration are provided at no cost.
  • Reporting in advance
  • Interface and themes may be customized.
  • Anti-fraud measures
  • Payments in bulk
  • Commissions on many levels


Post Affiliate Pro Pricing: Pricing begins at $97 per month after a free 14-day trial.


Final Words

Investing in one of these tools makes supervising your affiliate program and affiliates much easier. This will give you more time to focus on identifying the ideal affiliates and developing engaging content.

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