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INBOX Lifetime deal | The Ultimate Email Marketing Tool for Powerful Campaigns



Email marketing, a digital gem, wields the power to connect businesses with their cherished customers. It’s like a friendly greeting through the screen, a way to send formal messages, nurture budding relationships, and watch your funds grow. To make the most of this treasure, you’ll need a trusty tool—an advanced email marketing platform.


Now, let me introduce you to INBOX, the Swiss Army knife of email marketing. It’s easy to use and full of valuable features. Consider it your digital assistant, helping you in creating engaging emails with a few clicks and mounting you with valuable reports.





Let’s dive into this creative world:


The Magic of Email Marketing

Picture this: you’re in a vast digital landscape, and email marketing is your compass. It helps as a link between companies and their customers. It allows you to deliver specified communications, nurture new prospects, and grow existing networks. And it’s not just any bridge; it’s a cost-effective one, with returns that sparkle like a hidden treasure. To unlock its magic, you’ll need a magical key—an advanced email marketing platform.


INBOX: Your Creative Companion

Meet INBOX, your trusty sidekick in the digital world. It’s user-friendly and satisfied with innovation. Imagine it as your digital canvas, where you can paint beautiful emails and craft engaging newsletters effortlessly. But it’s not only the artwork; the analytical wizard also supplies you with the information you require.




Alternatives to INBOX are EmailWritr and SendFox.


Unleashing INBOX’s Creative Powers


The Art of Effortless Campaigns

INBOX simplifies the art of email campaigns. Its intuitive interface is like a paintbrush in the hands of an artist, allowing you to create eye-catching emails effortlessly.


Advanced Creativity and Personalization

INBOX takes creativity to the next level. It allows you to computerize and modify emails depending on consumer behavior. Think of it as your marketing wizard, delivering the right message at the right time to raise leads, conversions, and customer loyalty.




The Science of Analytics

INBOX provides insights that are like gold nuggets in the world of marketing. It gives you more data including real-time open rates, click-through rates, and conversions. With this expertise, you can make decisions and see your grow of strategy.


Seamless Integration

This digital companion seamlessly integrates with popular CRM systems and other tools. It acts as a performer, organizing all your marketing activities, collecting your data, and make a good experiences. Whether you prefer Salesforce, Shopify, or WordPress, INBOX has your back.




Crafting Your Creative Story with INBOX

INBOX recognizes that each business is a unique narrative ready to be told. It provides vast personalization options, permitting you to include your brand’s identity in every email. Picture it as your digital storyteller, incorporating your logo and colors, and ensuring your emails reflect your brand’s personality.


INBOX’s Creative Impact


Captivating Open and Click Rates

INBOX helps you create emails that capture your subscribers’ attention. It’s similar to a magician’s trick in that it uses aesthetic appeal and personalization to increase open and click rates.


Transforming Clicks into Conversions

INBOX doesn’t stop at mere clicks; it turns them into valuable conversions. With well-placed calls-to-action, personalized recommendations, and dynamic content, it’s like turning ordinary stones into precious gems.


Creating Engaging Customer Journeys

INBOX empowers you to create meaningful connections with your audience. Consider it your performer, delivering messages with increased breakdown and customized content. Personalization at this level increases customer engagement and builds permanent loyalty.



  • User-Friendly Interface: It offers a user-friendly interface with an intuitive dashboard, making it easy to navigate and manage email campaigns effectively.
  • Powerful Email Creation: The platform provides a powerful drag-and-drop email builder, allowing users to create visually stunning emails without any coding knowledge.
  • Advanced Automation: INBOX’s advanced automation capabilities enable users to set up triggered email sequences based on user actions, enhancing engagement and conversions.
  • Segmentation and Personalization: It offers segmentation and personalization features, allowing users to target specific audience segments with tailored messages for better engagement.
  • Deliverability and Analytics: It maintains strong relationships with email service providers to ensure efficient email deliverability. It also provides detailed analytics and reporting to measure the effectiveness of campaigns.



  • Pricing: While it has customizable price levels, some customers may find it to be more expensive than competing email marketing platforms.
  • Learning Curve: Although its user-friendly layout, consumers with no skill in email marketing may need some time to become informed about all of its features and functions.


It is crucial to remember that these advantages and disadvantages may vary depending on individual preferences and needs.


Pricing, Support and Lifetime Deal

INBOX has customizable pricing levels that are appropriate for organizations of all sizes. You may pick a plan that matches your demands and budget, whether you are a tiny startup or an enterprise-level corporation. Furthermore, their dedicated customer support team assists you with any queries or problems you may have, assuring a seamless and trouble-free experience.


INBOX plans are given below.




Get it from INBOX Lifetime Deal at $69 $588 today!


Plans & features

Deal terms & conditions

  • Lifetime access to INBOX
  • All future Pro Plan updates
  • If Plan name changes, deal will be mapped to the new Plan name with all accompanying updates
  • You must redeem your code(s) within 60 days of purchase
  • Stack up to 3 codes
  • GDPR compliant
  • Available for new INBOX users and previous 1 and 2 code buyers


*** 60 day money-back guarantee. Try it out for 2 months to make sure it’s right for you!


Features included in all plans

  • Multi-brand management (10 brands)
  • 28-day searchable log history
  • Unlimited archived-based log history
  • Connect your domain
  • Marketing automation
  • Newsletter Editor
  • Unlimited landing pages, segments, web forms, and templates
  • Dynamic emails
  • Custom fields
  • Al subject line generator
  • Reply tracking for prospecting email
  • High sending speed
  • Automatic resend
  • Advanced marketing automation
  • RSS support
  • Contact scoring
  • A/B split campaigns
  • Integrations: Zapier, JotForm, TypeForm, WooCommerce, and Shopify
  • 3,000 one-time credits for prospecting emails (cold emails)





Final Words

INBOX has customizable pricing levels that are appropriate for organizations of all sizes. You may pick a plan that matches your demands and budget, whether you are a tiny startup or an enterprise-level corporation. Furthermore, their dedicated customer support team assists you with any queries or problems you may have, assuring a seamless and trouble-free experience.


Note: Most deals are stocked out within a week after being added to Appsumo. So, if you need it, take it immediately.



Q1. Can I import my existing email list into INBOX?

A. Absolutely! It provides easy-to-use tools for smuggling your existing email lists, confirming a smooth transition to the platform.


Q2. Does INBOX offer A/B testing capabilities?

A. Yes, it allows you to run A/B tests to improve your email campaigns. You can test different subject lines, content variations, and send times to determine the most effective strategies.


Q3. Can I track the success of my email campaigns with INBOX?

A. Definitely! It provides full analytics and reporting features that give you real-time awareness into the running of your campaigns. Open rates, click-through rates, and conversions may all be tracked.


Q4. Is INBOX suitable for small businesses?

A. Absolutely! It has various offers for organizations of all sizes. Its user-friendly user interface and customizable patterns make it a best choice for small businesses.


Q5. How does INBOX ensure deliverability of my emails?

A. INBOX employs industry-leading deliverability practices to ensure that your emails land in the inbox and not the spam folder. It monitors your sender reputation, implements authentication protocols, and adheres to best practices to maximize deliverability.



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